The Courtney Anne Diacont Memorial Foundation is dedicated to waging a continuing fight against colorectal cancer through a grass roots campaign focused on education, hope and opportunity. Our goal is to make “everyone” aware of the warning signs, resources for support/information and treatment opportunities readily available for people battling this deadly disease.

Education:  The Foundation will dedicate a major percentage of its funds to educating primary audiences – young adults, parents, medical students, physicians,  regulators, the insurance industry and the media –  about the real dangers of colorectal cancer and the fact it is not just an old persons’ disease.  Through its website, by special mailings, media education and speaking engagements, The Foundation will seek to increase public awareness that this disease can strike anyone at anytime.  Undetected and untreated, it is a killer!

Hope:  Through its education program, The Foundation will stress the fact that colorectal cancer is 90% curable when detected early through simple tests and colonoscopies.

Opportunity:  Through a program of scholarships that pay tribute to Courtney and recognize her spirit and determination during her battle with colorectal cancer, The Foundation will award a number of scholarships each year to students who demonstrate the same courage, strength and determination Courtney displayed throughout her illness as they face their own individual adversities.