The Courtney Anne Diacont Memorial Foundation is dedicated to waging a continuing fight against colorectal cancer through a grassroots campaign focused on education, hope, and opportunity.  Our goal is to make 'everyone' aware of the warning signs, resources for support/information and treatment opportunities readily available for people battling this deadly disease.

Education       Hope       Opportunity

The Courtney Anne Diacont Memorial Foundation was established by Chuck and Mary Diacont as a tribute to their daughter Courtney, who lost her battle with colon cancer at the age of eighteen.  Though her life was short, she greatly affected the lives of those who knew her through her spirit and determination.  A great many who only know her story have been inspired by her courage.  It is our hope that through The Foundation, Courtney will continue to have a positive effect in the community.   To accomplish this, the Foundation has established a fund to provide support to those in the Lehigh Valley currently undergoing cancer treatment.  In addition, the Foundation spreads awareness about colorectal cancer through awareness campaigns and grassroots initiatives, because education and awareness are the most effective tools at battling colorectal cancer. Courtney’s wish was for people to know the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer and the importance of screening, so early symptoms will not be missed.  Found in its earliest stage colon cancer is 90% curable!